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Solo Travelers – for the adventurous and generous of heart

Globe Aware specializes in both trips of solo travelers and groups traveling together. Our volunteers come from all walks of life from every part of the world, though the greatest percentage is from the USA, Canada and Europe.

The benefits of voluntourism and solo travel

Voluntourism improves lives

Our usual group size of 10 makes it a great way to make new and lasting friendships. We have even had quite a few people meet their future spouses on Globe Aware programs! It’s a wonderful, non-competitive environment for getting to know others. These types of programs tend to attract people who care about the world, are inquisitive, adventurous and fun. If this describes you, you are sure to encounter like-minded people.

Living accommodations on our programs is generally two or more per room, divide by gender or any groupings that are traveling together. We give you the contact information for your fellow volunteers prior to the program start date so that you may contact one another for any additional communication. Past volunteers have met up for independent travel exploration prior to the program start date, coordinated clothing drives for the kids in Cusco, and shared research tips on their destination.  

healthguide3Volunteer vacationing as an individual is unique in that many people who are part of a committed relationship may engage in this kind of travel in a solo capacity.

Whatever your background, don’t hesitate to participate if you don’t have a group to travel with. The world will open up in ways you cannot imagine when traveling on your own.

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