Global Wings

Global Wings exists to serve disadvantaged youths who would otherwise have difficulty experiencing our wider world. Recipients have the opportunity to engage in a Globe Aware Program and learn about International Affairs & Development over the course of their summer, culminating with direct exposure through one of Globe Aware's international programs. This program is made possible through the support of our sponsors and caring donors like you!

In a globalized world adaptability and knowledge of life beyond our shores gained through study/work abroad can be a valuable asset in getting jobs or entering a university. Yet too many disadvantaged young people may never have an opportunity to experience life beyond their neighborhood. They are left behind; doors are forever closed to them. Globe Aware is hoping to change this. YOU CAN HELP! Here's how

  • Buy a raffle ticket. For a $7 donation you can win a round trip ticket to Costa Rica! Click here to donate. 
  • Become a raffle fellow and help by selling raffle tickets in your community.
  • Join and/or donate to our Facebook Cause 
  • Host your own dinner party or other event (previous donors have arranged marathons, concerts) 
  • For $1500 you can sponsor a youth.
  • For $500 you can sponsor a flight.
  • For any amount, you can change the world a little at a time.


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