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FAMILY VOLUNTEERING: Experience a new culture, experience service with your loved ones in a profoundly meaningful way.

Globe Aware has a long tradition of mobilizing volunteer programs around the world for families of all ages and sizes. For us, it is perhaps the most beautiful experience there is to have together. Few opportunities in life quite offer the ability to experience another culture at same time as serving in a meaningful way. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, and it offers a rare window into the lives, challenges and true beauties of life outside one’s comfort zone.

Family Travel That Gives Back: A Meaningful Vacation

Voluntourism offers many options

Globe Aware Volunteer Vacation in Cambodia - One Family's Account

8 Reasons to Take Your Teens On a Volunteer Vacation

Travel Brings Father, Son Closer

“At intimacy, volunteer vacations excel.  Had I come to India without Globe Aware (my volunteer vacation company), I would never have met any of the children.  I would not have entered a slum.  I would not have gotten to know Nutan.  I would not have experienced the closeness of the slum, the smell of the people, the sounds of an upstairs neighbor walking across the sheet of tin that constitutes the ceiling.  With Globe Aware, I could join the camaraderie of the children, feel their small hands in mine, hear the happy shouts of “tri-an-gle!” as I hopped across a dusty floor.  I could ask Nutan frank questions about her arranged marriage and I could feel the way that India is changing.”

From Jeb Butler, India program, 2012

One of the main questions we get is, “Which of your programs is a good fit for families?”

healthguide4All of our projects are designed for unskilled volunteers. When we are making adobe stoves, kids frequently help in mixing the mud and patting it into place. When we teach English, they participate in games of Simon Says and “Heads, Shoulders Knees, and Toes, etc.” They love painting walls with us and creating murals, there is no end of options for them. In short, there is almost ALWAYS something younger children can do. If they are of walking age, they are welcome on the program. We can even help arrange for local babysitters to help watch your children if you feel it is helpful.

Parents understandably are concerned about safety for their children at the project site.  We never have our volunteers operate heavy equipment or machinery, work in war torn countries, stand high on ladders, handle bodily fluids and other similar hazards. Additionally each volunteer, regardless of age, may opt to not participate in an activity for whatever reason (jetlag, altitude sickness, any other reason), we understand there are so many dynamics going into suitability for a project at any moment.

All volunteers are recommended to be up to date on their base immunizations. Some countries *do* require special vaccinations (for example in Ghana, yellow fever vaccination is required.) Specifications for each country are outlined in the orientation materials. We pay for travel medical insurance for each and every volunteer so that if anyone gets sick or hurt for any reason, whether it’s twisting an ankle or catching a cold, we have you covered.

What about “Which of your programs is the most popular with families? Traditionally, programs in Peru and Costa Rica have been the most popular.

Our planned but optional leisure activities provide another way to create new and lasting memories not only for your children but for you. Whether it’s exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru or zip-lining in Costa Rico in the rainforest: savor creating moments that will remain forever in the hearts and minds of your loved ones.

Little Passports

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