Live cooking class from Zomba, Malawi

Live cooking class from Zomba, Malawi

Join us for a live cooking class from Zomba, Malawi with our incredible host, Sekhani, to learn how to prepare Malawian Nsima, the national dish of Malawi. Nsima is a thick porridge made of corn that can be shaped into mounds or patties. The Malawians have a saying “chimango ndi moyo” which means “maize for life”. Many families prioritize a fruitful maize crop to feed their families throughout the years. You will have ample time to learn about this vital dish and the rich history and beautiful culture of Malawi through our host.

Necessary items for the cooking class: 2 pots (for both relish and nsima), a wooden cooking spoon (nthiko), a dishing spoon (chipande), a kitchen knife and a chopping board.

The ingredients needed for Nsima will be maize meal, margarine, warm water and a little bit of salt.

The ingredients needed for cooking relish which will be okra, water, salt, onions, tomatoes and peanut butter.

Time offered: Every day at 3:00 PM CST

Duration: 50 Minutes, unless otherwise noted

Group Size: up to 10 participants, defined as computers logged into the experience

Cost: $28/person unless otherwise noted.

  • Tax deductible
  • Credited toward any future Globe Aware program for up to 3 years, up to $100
  • 85% of your contribution goes toward our charitable programing and coordinator, 15% admin
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Live cooking class from Zomba, Malawi

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