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I was there to learn from them

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I taught in the schools and yes, I think the children enjoyed it and learned from it. It was very much a novelty for them though, as an "obroni" (their name for white person) you are somewhat of a mythical creature and they are so curious about you - I…

Africa was such an amazing experience

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Africa was such an amazing experience. The village that we worked at was wonderful. The people were so friendly and welcoming. We got to cook with the villagers, learn about their culture, teach the students and interact with everyone. The work was hard work but worth it. Although it was…

Really good time in Ghana

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I just wanted to email you and let you know that we had a really good time in Ghana. It was a great experience to work in the village and to work with the Globe Aware personnel. Everything went smooth and it truly was an experience of a lifetime. I…

Project is sustainable

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The project was directly related to the needs of the local community. The project is sustainable and makes ongoing school improvement for village children possible. The children were eager to learn. With simple, direct instruction and lots of visuals, the students understood enough to learn their lessons very well. It…

I can’t wait to return to Mafi Tsati

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I consider myself a life-long learner and the world is my teacher as I take a break from the classroom during the summer. Winning the “Travel for Good Grant” through Travelocity this year helped me to get to Ghana to volunteer with Globe Aware. Now I’m in love again. With…

I am very, very glad I went to Ghana with Globe Aware

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I am very, very glad I went to Ghana with Globeaware. I would not trade the experience for anything. However, with a little more preparation and structure I feel like I could have made more of my time there. I am very interested in finding a way to get supplies…
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